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Unreal Engine Plug-in
The 0xygen UE plug-in is our flagship
offering, features include:
  • Gamer account creation and login
  • Get all tokens/NFT assets owned by user 
  • Validate wallet and asset ownership in-game
  • Authentication of asset ownership in real-time for:

    • One or multiple users/NFTs/Tokens simultaneously

  • Dev team access NFT metadata in Unreal Engine

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Gameplay footage courtesy of FuseWars by Symbiote Creatives
Every project is different. That's why we'll work with you to find a price that makes sense for everyone.
We entered this business to do the hard lifting so creators can do what they love: Make awesome games. To support our efforts we charge a small % of revenue, to be agreed upon by you!

Our clients consistently return for further projects, and are amazed at the value we provide compared to other solutions on the market. 


Meet with the Team and
let's discuss what we can build together.

Connect With Us

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