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Gameplay footage courtesy of 0xygen client FuseWars by Symbiote Creatives
Products and Services
Unreal Engine Plug-in
The 0xygen UE plug-in is our flagship offering, features include:
  • Gamer account creation and login
  • Get all tokens/NFT assets owned by user 
  • Validate wallet and asset ownership in-game
  • Authentication of asset ownership in real-time for:

    • One or multiple users/NFTs/Tokens simultaneously

  • Dev team access NFT metadata in Unreal Engine

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Every project is different. That's why we'll work with you to find a price that makes sense for everyone.
We entered this business to do the hard lifting so creators can do what they love: Make awesome games. To support our efforts we charge a small % of revenue, to be agreed upon by you!

Our clients consistently return for further projects, and are amazed at the value we provide compared to other solutions on the market. 

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Meet with the Team and
let's discuss what we can build together.

Connect With Us

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